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I’ve been physically active my entire life, and always enjoyed keeping a varied workout schedule. I regularly attend outdoor bootcamps, HIIT classes, CrossFit, yoga classes, and I also enjoy playing tennis.

I was an avid Pilates practitioner for over 15 years before giving gyrotonic a try. Pilates gave me core strength and overall flexibility but that wasn’t enough to keep me injury-free with my active lifestyle. I began to develop chronic knee pain, and I found myself avoiding, or having to work around, activities or exercises that would potentially exacerbate the knee pain. I found temporary relief through weekly massages but the pain would always return within 3 days and I began to look for a more permanent solution to maintain my active lifestyle.

I had heard about the Gyrotonic Expansion System through the pilates community about 5 years ago, and decided to give it a try. After my very first session I was hooked! I immediately began to feel better-my spine and hips began to move more freely, and I began replacing my weekly massages with weekly gyrotonic sessions!

Over a course of about 2 months of incorporating a weekly Gyrotonic session into my workout routine, I was completely free of knee pain. I also credit the Gyrotonic Method with the notable improvements in my overall speed, agility, range-of-motion, and stamina in all my more physically demanding activities!

The Gyrotonic Method has changed my life in such a positive and profound way that I had to learn more about it so I could share it with others.

Whether you are looking to enhance your current workout regimen, start a new exercise program, experience caring & attentive personalised training, recover from an injury or chronic movement issues, or create life balance & reduce stress by building your “mind-body” connection, I can help you achieve your goals.




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