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"Work within the comfort zone of your body, move without effort and with a smile in your heart. Be kind to yourself and don't compare to others. Watch what happens - you will grow and your body will evolve."

Juliu Horvath

"I’ve gained so much from my sessions with Melody. After abdominal surgery, I knew I needed to strengthen my core, and Gyrotonics was exactly what I needed. Melody is an incredibly knowledgable and clear instructor, and she tailors our sessions for my individual strengths and weaknesses. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Her-she is fabulous!  She has helped me gain strength, mobility and confidence. Thank you!” 

Alice L.

“I highly recommend booking a gyrotonic session with Melody.  She’s very supportive and patient as she guides you through each of the movements.  I learned a lot about the benefits of proper movement and I left feeling energised and refreshed.  Her new studio is also a lovely, relaxing space."

Jennifer P.